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Your WINS: A Blueprint to Daily, Monthly, and Annual Successes

Time, Overwhelm, and the P Word!

Subduing the Businesswoman’s Dilemma

How many times have you lamented, “I am overwhelmed, have no time, and when I find some, it just slips away”? This sentiment resonates with countless ambitious women. Our ever-growing to-do list, endless responsibilities, and that nagging sense of needing to get other things done first are challenges we know all too well.

Yet by shifting your strategic planning and specifically emphasizing your WINS, you can change this narrative, almost instantly!

Subduing the Businesswoman’s Dilemma

Feeling time-starved and overwhelmed? It’s a shared sentiment among ambitious women. Tackle it by shifting focus from your overwhelming to-do list to instead acknowledging your progress.

💡 Tip: Celebrate the Steps on Your Journey

Create a habit of acknowledging what you get done every-time you look at your to-do list including the progress you are making towards completing at task. A common error in daily planning is that we tend to write down huge projects as to-do's on our daily list.

No wonder you have no sense of accomplishment at the end of the day! Instead make a to-do list, that's doable. Design a winnable game and write down the to-do's that make up the big project separately. Then celebrate them one by one. Remember each completed task, no matter how small, is a win. Celebrate it!

The Power of Recognizing WINS in All Life’s Facets

Broadening Your Definition of Success

When we contemplate WINS, it's easy for our thoughts to drift to career achievements. While these are important, it’s equally crucial to recognize and cherish triumphs in every life area, from love and self-care to community and wealth. By broadening our understanding of success, we can cultivate gratitude and fulfillment across all the areas of our lives. Life is not balanced most of the time. And so celebrating WINS in your health and wellbeing (like going to that early morning spin class) can empower you to feel better and even get over a hump in another in areas of your life.

Broadening Your Definition of Success WINS aren't just financial victories. It could be an unexecuted brilliant idea, a valuable lead, an invigorating lunch with a friend, or even the choice to let something or someone go. Sometimes we want to jump up and down when we WIN and sometimes it's a period of contemplation and growth that we experience after achieving or receiving something we have been working towards or desiring.

💡 Tip: Redefine WINS

Every positive step, decision, opportunity or thought, whether work-related or personal, can count as a win. Embrace and celebrate WINS in every area of your life, not just work. Here is the list of life areas I use in Monthly Momentum to help the ladies Take Inventory to give you some inspiration.

  • Love

  • Self-Care

  • Spirituality

  • Growth and Learning

  • Mindset

  • Play

  • Family

  • Friendship

  • Community

  • Wealth

  • Physical Environment

  • Career and Work

The Vision-Driven Business Success Habit

Creating a 'Get It Done System'

Imagine incorporating small actions into your daily routine that empower you to own your day by developing the habit of daily planning. The Get It Done System that I created and use at The Women's Business Momentum Center is built around these types of micro-actions. Envision yourself flowing with momentum, focusing intently, and ending your day with a profound sense of achievement. That's what happens when you create a habit out of daily planning and debriefing every day.

Women using vision-driven strategic planning to grow their business
The Get it Done System to Achieve More and Stress Less

Click here to start my 5 Days of Momentum Challenge and in just five days, you’ll develop the habit of daily planning that will give you:

🚀 Momentum you can feel

👀 Results you can see

👌🏻 And life changing habits

Create a New Ritual of Celebrating Your WINS

The Get It Done System is built around recognizing and rejoicing in three WINS daily. This practice not only boosts your morale but sets the stage for the next day.

💡 Tip: Challenge yourself. Yep Right Now!

Can you list three wins from today or yesterday? Making this an evening ritual enhances your sense of achievement and paves the way for a productive tomorrow. This is a great way to begin your daily debrief habit I call "Upgrade Your Day'.

Worksheet for Celebrating WINS in Vision-Driven Strategic Planning
Vision-Driven Strategic Planning with WINS

Monthly Momentum: The Key to Ongoing Progress

Keeping Your Drive Alive

Regular monthly reflection acts as the linchpin of sustained progress. Revisiting and celebrating your WINS not only acknowledges the strides you've made but also paves the way for continued success. It becomes an indispensable business success habit, propelling ongoing achievements.

Reflect, Realign, and Recharge Reflecting on monthly WINS offers a clear picture of where you directed your time, money, and energy versus where you intended to. It's a fabulous way to compare the vision you had for the month with the reality of what happened. Don't get me wrong, most of the time things do NOT go as planned and that's OK. Recognizing the differences is where the magic happens. You can learn how your vision has shifted, what's important now and who or what influences your plans and goals.

💡 Tip: Before planning the upcoming month, review your WINS.

It boosts confidence, clarifies priorities, and ensures you're always aligned with your vision.

The Antidote to Overwhelm
From Overwhelm to Over-Joyed

Wherever overwhelm lurks, it signals potential burnout. But there is a way you can counteract this. Overwhelm often stems from a scattered focus. Regularly acknowledging WINS redirects attention to what's a priority, reducing stress.

💡 Tip: Whenever you feel stretched thin, take a momentum to circle back to your WINS

Recognizing WINS can help you to come back to what's really important. A pause to celebrate your WINS allows you to stop and declutter your mind and your to-do list. Then after you acknowledge a WIN you will notice an increase in your focus that leads to more effective use of your time, your money and your energy.

A Year in Review: Harnessing Annual Wins for a Vision-Driven Future

Crafting Your Blueprint for the Upcoming Year

At the end of the year, step back to view the broader landscape. Recognizing and celebrating your annual WINS provides the enthusiasm and insight required for visionary strategic planning for the year ahead.

Celebrate Before You Strategize Taking stock of annual WINS provides a foundation for vision-driven strategic planning on a grander scale.

💡 Tip: Make celebrating WINS a success ritual you do with friends and fellow business women.

Before diving into goal-setting, immerse yourself in your annual WINS. This will ensure that the new goals you set align with your core values . And rather than just regurgitating last years same ideas you create room for new insight, ideas and opportunities.

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