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From Burnout to Bestseller

Hey there, I'm Marianne (The Get it Done Diva),

The founder and dreamer behind The Women's Business Momentum Center

Just like you, I love what I do, and I am full of passion, ideas and ambition. It took me a while to harness it. When I first started out I would take a ton of action every day, but I would still feel like I was never getting anywhere. So then I pushed myself even harder, completely burning myself out needing days to recover. I constantly felt like I was taking one step forward and then 10 steps back! Driven by the need to prove myself and perhaps, to silence the self-doubt whispering in the shadows, I pushed myself to the brink.

Until one day, I didn't have anything left to give. I had burnt myself out so badly that I ended up exhausted and bed ridden for almost 6 months while the Dr's did test after test to try to figure out what was wrong. Those days were a blend of pain, frustration, and countless medical tests, with the haunting question: How did I let it come to this?

I Reached the Point Where I Was No Longer Willing to Break Myself in Order to Succeed That's when I decided. There had to be a better way. I knew the work I wanted to do would not only give me a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction but that it would also impact other people. But I often felt lost, confused and stuck not knowing what to do next. So I read a ton of productivity books, spent over $50K on masterminds, hired coaches and interviewed over 100 people about productivity.


I bought every planner and journal I could get my hands on. And organized my time and goals in different ways to find a system that worked best. However, every method felt like wearing someone else's shoes, nothing seemed to capture my essence.

  • Some of the systems felt too regimented and I couldn't stick to them.

  • Some systems allowed too much flexibility and no accountability.

  • Some systems were way too complicated with lots of unnecessary elements that didn't fit my needs.

I needed a system that echoed my spirit. That's when I realized I needed to create my own!


A schedule I could customize and use as a blueprint for each week ✓ A tool to keep me on track and show me how productive AND how satisfied I felt at the end of every day ✓ A simple process to prioritize and organize all of my weekly projects and to-do's ✓ A place to write my most important goals so that they would not got lost and forgotten ✓ Really great questions to challenge me learn and grow at the end of each week

And I also knew that there were four key areas that were pivotal for business growth that I wanted to focus on every week:

  • Vision-Driven Strategic Planning Not just sterile goals, but dreams that make my heart race.

  • Business Storytelling: To create connection with women just like me. Sharing my scars, triumphs, and lessons, urging others to do the same as an authentic way of doing sales and marketing that felt right to me.

  • Taming Technology: No longer a daunting beast, but a partner, woven into my daily life and allowing me to upgrade, automate and expand my business.

  • A Getting Stuff Done System: To help me escape the burnout cycle and instead create daily habits, and weekly structure. All while staying focused on the bigger vision, seeing my brilliant ideas through to completion and dedicating time to work ON my business not just in it.

I Got to Work!

I designed planners that mirrored my soul, tools that became an extension of my essence, and a system that reflected my authentic self. The transformation wasn't just professional. It was personal. Suddenly I Was Achieving the Kind of Success I Had Only Dreamt of Before! I know it's sounds corny, but I can't think of a better way to say it. Things were falling into place with ease. I was able to find the time, space and inspiration to write not one but two best selling books. With time and focus my speaking career began to take off and I was recognized with arms full of awards almost over night. I was invited to speak at the California Women's Conference and became an independent contractor for the SBA leading workshops for women in business. But this journey isn't just about me.

The Women's Business Momentum Center is for every woman who has felt lost, overwhelmed, or on the brink. It's a testament that with the right tools, community, and a sprinkle of self-belief, we can move mountains.

If you seek:

  • Authenticity over perfection.

  • Productive days filled with purpose.

  • A clear focus amidst life's chaos.

  • A space free from the shackles of guilt and overwhelm.

  • A life where you can chase dreams without losing yourself.

Then, let's walk this path together. The Women's Business Momentum Center isn't just a platform; it's a promise. A promise to stand by you, champion your dreams, and remind you of your worth every step of the way.

Here's to our shared journey of rediscovery.

Welcome home.

The Women’s Business Momentum Center is a place for smart, ambitious women how to grow their business using Vision-Driven Strategic Planning, authentic marketing using Business Storytelling, Taming Technology and The Get it Done System I created. When you are ready to challenge yourself to dream big, speak boldly , write purposefully, create change and achieve BIG things. The Women’s Business Momentum Center is here to support you!

👉🏼 Click here to view the full calendar of upcoming events, challenges, workshops and retreats to find the perfect thing to support you and your business on it's journey of growth.

💡 A great place to start is our FREE Monthly Momentum (click here to register now).

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